Tick Tock…

Tips for busy women

Where do you value your time?

Hello my darling. You may be curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea thinking, where has the day gone again?” Perhaps you have been so busy that you havent even had time to respond to a friends message, or even take that all important metime today. Gosh, how does it get to this stage? Constantly tired, on the go, everything getting done in a rush.”

Some people call it bad time management. Some say “that’s life”.

 I don’t have a name for it but I have a question for you…What are your values?

 We often feel overwhelmed because we are not giving enough time and attention to what we feel is important to us. But is “what we feel is important to us” same as what we truly value? There is a difference for me and realising it changed where I am directing my focus, energy and time.

 Important for me was and is … to have a secure job with a regular income / financial security, roof over the head and some annual holidays abroad. Enough in my bank account to go out for a nice meal and drink when ever I fancy.

 In practice it meant I was staying longer at work to make sure I get all done. I wouldn’t dear to stay at home when it was snowing or I was feeling under the water. Getting stressed about what people said about my work, about me. How my project manager treated me. I was tired. I cried nearly every day. My internal dialogue at the time? “Stop complaining. You have a well paid job. Financial security. And …

 AAAAAND … it pays for what you actually love doing.

 I invite you to pause here for a moment and read it again. I had to say it to myself at least 100 times before I got actual meaning of it. I was spending lots of time and energy on what was IMPORTANT for me … because it allowed me to enjoy what I VALUED the most…. MYSELF, quality of my life, quality time with my husband and friends, simplicity.

 What are your values? Have you worked them out, yet?

 If not, we can work on it together in one of my “Flick and Swish” breakthrough coaching sessions. Just drop me an email or connect on Facebook or Instagram.

With Love for Body and Mind


Sonka 🧡🦋