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about stress, confidence and mindset at work

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What they have in common?

Stress, relationships, behaviour, mental health and mindset 

My talks are thought provoking and perception shaking.

We will explore the connection between our life experience, memories, personal values, self-worth, confidence, behaviour, relationships and nutrition. I am passionate about sharing with leaders, managers and their employees how they can:

improve relationships at work, with loved ones and with themselves;

clearly state their boundaries at work and in their personal life;

bring honesty to conversations;

see new options and opportunities for themselves that they were not able to see before.

Companies I presented to

because people are their biggest asset

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especially if you are experiencing following…

  • Frequent long term and short sick leaves

  • Frequent interpersonal conflicts 

  • Complaints to line managers or HR

  • Lack of interest in social activities

  • High fluctuance 

  • Desire to create even better workplace

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