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I know you can see yourself in few of the below statements, can’t you?

  • Constantly chasing THAT work-life balance.

  • Struggling with sleep and energy and reaching for chocolates, biscuits and wine?

  • Day in and day out working crazy hours, postponing dates with friends and families and returning home exhausted?

  • Watching your weight creeping up slowly but you cannot even think about healthier eating habits?

  • Feeling constantly inadequate in your work place and are comparing yourself to your colleagues?

  •  Wondering where your memory and concentration have gone?

  • Choosing not to proceed in your career even though you know you are clever and could do really well because: “The longer hours come with the better salary. It’s unavoidable” and you are not prepared to do that?

My Signature 3 Month
Tailored One to One Package

Do you resonate with any of the following statements? If you answered YES to one or more of these statements, I can help!

After completing, in depth health history and wellbeing, initial form…

2 x 90min initial sessions via Zoom to discuss the form, to implement NLP technique to allow you to make changes EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY during the program and after; to elicit your VALUES and chat about your GOALS and DREAMS to allow me to create a result based, catered for you plan

10 x Weekly 60 Min Coaching Calls via Zoom to deal with any struggles, holdbacks, resistance as well as celebrate your CONTINUOUS PROGRESS

 In these sessions we look at the MINDSET as well as your EATING habits

Equip you better to DEAL with day to day shit – that’s mindset as well as ENERGY levels

STOP you worrying about what others at work may think and being impacted by others throw away comments you end up dwelling on for days

Show you how to improving your relationships, be more PRODUCTIVE and CREATIVE with less effort

Deal with any conflicts at work (or your personal life) before bosses, HR or mother-in-laws get involved

We get you off the hamster wheel so you can take a BREATH, look around and decide what you want to do … today, tomorrow, with your life

The NLP techniques I use may also help you to see new OPPORTUNITIES and OPTIONS you were not able to see before

I will remind you that NOW is the TIME for a CHANGE and will kick your bum when you start coming up with excuses

I will tell you exactly what to do so you don’t need to go searching online just to find another thing, diet, book, program which just doesn’t work for you and leaves you feeling like you failed – again

You’ll get UNLIMITED support (I’ll get back to you, Monday-Friday, within 24 hours)

My “Cleaner Eating” e-book program and relevant handouts to KEEP you on TRACK

Years of my experience to help you spot what is stopping you so we can TACKLE it together

Your investment – £2,997

Other ways to work with me

  • 3 1/2 hrs deep dive session to whatever your burning issue might be for you at this present moment. Whether it’s mindset or eating habits

  • For this session you do not need to know what exactly it is holding you back. We will work on through it together

  • We will also set an action plan for you to follow and have a clear idea of what to focus on in near future

  • You will get relevant handouts to keep you on track

Your investment – £750
  • If you become aware of a pattern, limiting belief or negative talk which is stopping you to move to the next level and want to tackle it there and then.

  • It’s a 60 min call to have one off coaching support to deal with that one pressing issue

Your investment – £199
  • 20 pages packed with all the information I wish I knew when I started changing my eating habits

  • Breakfast ideas to keep you fuelled for the day

  • Quick and super easy vegetable recipes to have your dinner ready in no time

  • Handouts I have used when I started, and which really helped me to stay on track

  • Principles to leave you with no doubt what to choose whether you are eating out, throwing quick lunch together or grabbing something on the go

  • It’s like having me in the pocket all the time

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