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Intuitive Life Coach

NLP Practitioner & Nutritional Therapist

After nearly 20 years in engineering world from being student, document controller to chartered senior engineer, I now also run my own coaching business.

As a master NLP practitioner, master breakthrough coach, registered nutritional therapist and senior mechanical engineer, I have a wide combination of skills, knowledge and experience in realm of mindset, digestive health as well as my own personal journey in the engineering world.

All of the above destined me to support engineers in their day to day life and assist them to overcome any obstacle that is holding them back to excel in their career as well as in living a fulfilling life.

All that in a healthy way

When I’m not supporting clients or out in the nature, I’m often in the kitchen preparing nourishing food and snacks, or sitting crossed-legged on the sofa reading, embroidering and drinking tea.

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