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Intuitive Life Coach

NLP Practitioner & Nutritional Therapist

As an NLP practitioner and nutritional therapist, I have a unique combination of skills and knowledge about mindset and digestive health to support my clients. I am a natural intuitive coach and work with a genuine passion for supporting my clients’ mental health and physical wellbeing. I have a range of tools to help overcome any obstacle that is holding a client back, be it a mindset hurdle or nutritional issue.

My coaching is focused on empowering clients to maintain a healthy mindset and a healthy body through choosing the right nutritional foods. This is absolutely essential to help keep balance in their life, handle stressful situations and boost energy levels.

I don’t know any life coach or therapist that wouldn’t recommend clients look after both their body and their mind. There is a proven connection between a healthy mindset and a healthy digestive system, with constant communication from the brain to the gut and vice-versa.

I believe in living by example, eating well and working on my mindset daily. I love what I do, because it taught me to love myself and shake off what I thought others were thinking about me. I’m honest and always show up as myself.

When I’m not supporting clients in rediscovering their amazingness, I’m often in the kitchen preparing nourishing food and snacks, or sitting crossed-legged on the sofa reading, embroidering or drinking tea.


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