Get rid of the Monkey chatter! 🐵

Get rid of those mind monkeys

Are your thoughts misaligned?

Are negative thoughts like this racing through your head often?…

 The world feels so tiring. I’m not even sure I am doing a good job anymore. Or have I ever? I’m not even sure I’m doing a good job in anything I do really. I’m not capable of concentrating for long, my mind keeps wandering to what else needs to be done. Sometimes I can hear my husband talking but I am not paying full attention to it. Gosh, am I a good wife? He came home last week and didn’t kiss me. Does he still love me? Can our children see that? Am I a good enough Mother to them? I wonder what they think or say when they talk about their parents.

Lots of questions there. Where do you seek the answers from? Your husband? Your kids? Your friends? I know they will tell you the complete opposite but does it make any difference to how you feel? Or do you just nod and carry on feeling like a crap quietly? Where do we look for proof is important. And you would hear everywhere now that we need to tune in. That all the answers are within us. I cannot agree more…

Can you sense that big BUT?

The most important part of seeking the truth about our life, feelings, situation is the state we are in when we start looking. The energy we radiate at the moment will bring a response with a matching energy.

If you are sat there feeling low, anxious, tired and all together out of the alignment, the answers you get will be charged with the very same energy. They will come from the same low vibration place. They won’t be convincing; they will not allow you too see different options and opportunities. They will be bit “meh”. Ok ish. Just the way you feel.

You know where I am heading with this, don’t you? Let’s change our state before we seek the answers. How do you change the state of my mind once you in that “mood” and have been there for long time? Effortlessly and with ease. Just be aware of the feelings and remember to this little exercise.

Pick a place you really like. This can be in your house or in the garden. From now on it’s your “pick me up” sofa, chair, pitch on the grass or stone on the beach. Close your eyes (once you read this of course 😀 x – yes I am funny like that sometimes). Think of the event or few events when you felt loved, confident and had a good laugh. Recall those emotions and bring them to now. Expand those feelings further. Amplify them. Hear the sounds, see the movie. Use this time to bring memories of when you showed up as a amazing mum, wife, sister… Keep asking your mind to bring all of for those memories to the front. To your consciousness.

When you are done, I invite your to journal them so you can go back and read them when you START feeling bit “me” again and your “pick me up” spot is not around. Repeat as many times as you like. No need to wait for feeling down again, after all.

Let me know how great your experience was. And as always, if you need a little help to guide you through the process, drop me a DM, I would love to connect with and support you.

With Love for Body and Mind


Sonka 🧡🦋