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Rediscover your Amazingness!

I will help you to rediscover your amazingness by nourishing your body as well as your mind, through a unique combination of NLP, nutrition and timeline therapy.

My 1:1 coaching programme will uncover the best version of you and enable you to live your life with more ease, increased energy levels and clearer vision.

I offer clients a safe space where no troubles need to be shared for positive changes to happen. Whether you are looking to de-stress, make dietary changes, or seeking confidence and courage, my coaching will set you free.

Tailored 1 to 1 Coaching

Each coaching programme is carefully tailored and includes a comprehensive food intake and medical history review. As we work towards your own personal goals, NLP sessions will prepare your mindset for change. I will help you to create beneficial habits, release limiting beliefs and ensure your mind supports you in every step you take to nourish your life.

Overall, my coaching will allow you to remember how amazing you are. I will lead you on a journey to self love, self respect and freedom to be your true self.

Sonka’s 1:1 Packages

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