Where is your self belief?

Get rid of those mind monkeys

Imposter syndrome?

What can I do about it? Things need to be done; I know that. One day when I win the lottery or get promoted, I will be much happier, yes?  I will l hire a cleaner and my life will be better? Promotion, ha! You are losing your mind, why would they promote you? You can hardly manage what is on your plate already. You are probably the weakest link in the team, they would never let you lead one.

Exactly. Why would they promote you? And if they did. Would you be up for the job considering that your self-belief is on the ground?You know those people who win the lottery and in 6 months time (or what ever the time period it may be) they end up in the same financial situation like before their big win.

Why is that? We have plans in our head, we push for them, we work for them. This all physical doing. We leave our mind to sit in the corner. Yes, baby! Our limiting beliefs and relationship with money, career, lovers sits there ready to resurface when we least expect it.

You can be the best employee in your company. You get promotion because others trust your abilities more than you do. What happens after if you mindset doesn’t catch up? When the Imposter syndrome creeps in? This is what I see usually to happen (with bit of side comments from me). 

She: “OMG! I got promotion. I cannot believe it. I guess I must be doing something right.” (Recognition and approval from the outside world).

She buys a new suit or dress. She turns up motivated … to show them she can do it and that she is the best. (Why? They already know that. They promoted her. Who is she convincing?)

 She hires that cleaner to live better life or … to work crazy hours to satisfy herself that she delivers the expectations? (Who’s expectations is she working to?)

 6 months down the line she locks herself in the toilet crying from exhaustion, feeling inadequate and fraud while, in the back office, bosses plan her future promotion because she is so flipping amazing. She obviously loves what she does as she is putting crazy hours in and her own life on hold.

I could go ahead and talk about self belief, self love, self respect, limiting beliefs. This time I have decided not to. If this is you, I would like you to sit down just with you. Quietly. Or go for walk. Swim. Jump on a trampoline. What takes your fancy. Just be and listen like you would listen to troubled child, to your best friend – you are both.

Become aware. What do you believe? Is it REALLY true? Where has this belief come from? I would love to hear how you get on. The awareness is powerful. Does any of it resonate with you? Could your friend read bit of this?

 Feel free to pass it on. I’m here to reach as many ladies as possible. I wish I had my Sonka Braunova to bring this to my consciousness. Drop me a DM to connect or follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

With Love for Body and Mind


Sonka 🧡🦋