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It was like an eye transplant!


It was like an eye transplant... I am not fat! It may sound a bit overdramatic but that’s exactly how it appeared when I realised this... An eye transplant situation No. 1

It was like an eye transplant!2021-07-21T15:42:57+01:00

Do you carry THIS around?


Do you carry THIS around? I still remember that time... I remember the time at high school / elementary school when home time could not come fast enough, I was longing for

Do you carry THIS around?2021-07-21T12:46:54+01:00

Not even my Dad managed that!


Not even my Dad managed that! What was really happening? The corporate world managed to press all my buttons during the years of our coexistence. Not even my Dad managed to do

Not even my Dad managed that!2021-07-21T12:16:48+01:00

It was there way before!


WHY do I think that? For years I was under impression that the time when I was bullied at high school was the time when my lack of confidence, lack of self-worth,

It was there way before!2021-07-21T11:50:02+01:00

Choice is Yours!


Choice is Yours! ... here is why Somebody once asked one clever man, why is he so anal about his plant-based diet? Whether he wants to live forever? He responded: “I don’t

Choice is Yours!2021-05-18T10:26:50+01:00



It works its A** off... ... but it needs You Our body is working hard to protect us. Every millisecond it goes out of its way to ensure we are well and


Egy kicsi citrom


What I was afraid of? ... It was on an ice cream It was summertime back when I was 5 or 6 years old and I was on holiday with my family

Egy kicsi citrom2021-05-18T10:15:13+01:00

Just chilling


Oh, just chilling ... ... but are you really? “Hi! What were you up to?“ “Oh, not much. Just chilling…” But are you REALLY? We are great at just chilling and relaxing.

Just chilling2021-05-18T09:29:38+01:00

How to Eat


Do You know how to eat? ... I mean properly ‘Of course’ you think, ‘I knew how to eat before I knew how to walk!’. What makes me ask? A few observations. One

How to Eat2021-05-18T08:41:54+01:00
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