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Im tired and I look far from my sparkly best. Where has my sexy, passionate Me gone? Look at me, sat here under a blanket in baggy clothes. My butt never looked so big. Gosh I really hate my body. Look at my tummy, constantly bloated. I already removed gluten…OK, I do have a few cakes and some biscuits, but I need the energy to get through the day! I do try but I just fail every time. I am rubbish at eating better and looking after myself. Hello me in 2010 and all that time before. Yes, I have come a long way.
I know that with the right tools and right support you CAN DO IT TOO! How do I know that? Because I could do it!

Let me tell you a bit about me. I am the only child, born after 7 years of marriage. My parents stopped hoping they will ever have an offspring. You can imagine the hooo-haaa when I came along. I was loved and, of course, spoiled. I had breakfast ready in the morning as well as lunch to take to school; uni; work. Some days I was waking up to a lunch on my plate. I only helped with cleaning when I was told or yelled at. I had a life of a little princess in a capital city. It all changed when I left the country in 2005. I was 27 and had no idea how to make mashed potatoes. I am not kidding.

Today I am helping ladies to get on track with the healthy choices and stick with them; sharing recipes and even creating them. I know how to bake and even how to make and decorate pretty cool celebration cakes. Happy to share some pictures if you like.

The question is. Do YOU WANT to make a change? Because I did. I didn’t want to carry on hiding in baggy clothes. Certainly not because I felt I must, to cover my body. I made decision to shine and damn, I surely do.

Now, it’s up to you to make decision and show up every single day. Are you ready for it? It won’t matter whether you will show up 100% or 20%. Just do! How long can you tolerate to make choices which do not serve you? Do not energies you? Do not help your confidence? Do not light up your libido?

The simplest way to get on with it is to get my Cleaner Eating Program in form of an e-book which you can purchase here

If you wish to work on your mindset and more tailored approach, these programs are available to you …

1. Flick & Swish 1hr mindset coaching session

2. Cleanse and Beyond 4 week program (group or individual)

3. Half day VIP intensive

4. Re-discover your Amazingness 12 week program

Drop me an email or DM me. I would love to now more about your journey and explore which one of these may be the most suitable for you at this point in time.

With Love for Body and Mind


Sonka 🧡🦋